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Daks over Normandy 8: Friday 7th June

This was the event around which we had built our trip: Daks over Normandy, the gathering of Dakotas at Caen Carpiquet Airport.

Already the roads to the airport were solid, with cars parked on the verges, but we managed to sneak in to the car park. We headed for the terminal first, where nerdy spotters in anoraks mingled with trendy French holidaymakers, and happened upon the viewing gallery, which nobody else seemed to have discovered.

Here we talked to a woman whose husband had been a small boy during the bombing of Caen, got a fantastic view of the aircraft lineup and saw two Daks take off right in front of us.

We knew an online acquaintance from the Honda forum was also attending, but had slim hopes of finding him in the crowd. As it happened, he managed to park next to us without recognising our bikes, just as we returned to the car park to collect our lunch from the panniers.

The three of us spent the rest of the day together, admiring and photographing the planes and talking bikes, aircraft and life, parting company after a coffee back at the terminal.

Howard and I were spending our last night in Normandy at a B&B not far from Dieppe. It was rainy and windy all the way there, and we arrived soaked. The lovely owner welcomed us to his home and provided us with slippers. Mine were pink, and so obviously incongrous that he laughed and said "Ah, la panthère rose!"
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