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Daks over Normandy 1: Friday 31st May

Greetings! I have spent a week in Normandy centred around the D-Day celebrations. The night before we set off, as an appetiser, we went to see Dire Straits tribute band Money for Nothing at the Churchill in Bromley, my highly generous and selfless birthday gift to Howard.

And it was fun. Goodness knows I love Mark Knopfler's current flavour of thoughtful modern folk, I loved seeing him play live a couple of years ago, and nobody plays the gittar quite like he does, but sometimes you just want to ROCK OUT and Money for Nothing delivered.

I was expecting a greatest hits playlist and that's exactly what we got. For me the second half was where it all came together: the band changed into different outfits during the interval, the lead guy really threw himself around for Sultans of Swing and the audience loosened up too.

They ended with the theme from Local Hero and I left happy, although I resisted buying a souvenir sweatband. I would be singing the songs all round Normandy for the rest of the week.

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