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The Goodest Boy In Cambridge

I spent a lovely Bank Holiday weekend with my friend M. up near Cambridge, drinking slightly too much, watching DVDs and quoting Archer at each other.

On Saturday we found time to visit several of Cambridge's fine museums, of which my favourite was the Scott Polar Research Institute and the statue outside commemorating the many teams of sledge dogs who worked alongside Antarctic Survey researchers. (Team names included the Moomins, the Hobbits and the Orange Bastards.)

Happily, a couple of local furry friends spotted our tweets, deduced that we were in the area and suggested we meet for a drink. It was nice to catch up outside the usual noisy, busy convention environment I see them in.

Sunday meant a double helping of church for M. I joined him for second service to see him looking impressive in his robes, and enjoy fish-shaped biscuits made by the vicar afterwards. We managed a quick visit to the local beer festival before devoting the rest of the day to telly.

On Monday we made a nerdy road trip to Old Buckenham Airfield to see the tank from GoldenEye, which lives by the entrance going rusty. I'd visited before and enjoyed the food and friendly service in their café, so I was glad to make a return trip for the all-day breakfast.

I returned home down the M11 feeling as if I'd done, as well as eaten, a great deal over the course of 72 hours.

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