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An expensive little addiction

There's a definite feeling of nights drawing in, so I decided the time had at last come to retrieve the 1:48 scale F-14 D Tomcat that's been under my bed in an unopened box for going on two years waiting for me to have some spare time and undisturbed workspace.

This is the first modern warplane I've attempted (I generally do WWI aircraft, both because I like 'em and because any bodges you make during assembly and painting just add authenticity), and also the first Skill Level 4 kit, so I've been a little nervous about starting in case I wreck it entirely.

So far, I have: washed the pieces in a mild detergent solution and allowed to air dry for better adhesion of paint and cement; and driven to Hobbycraft to purchase a ludicrous number of titchy paint pots.

Here I hit my first snag, as the kit is Revell but Hobbycraft only stocks Humbrol paint. They did give the equivalent Revell numbers on the shelf, but the sequence works completely differently so finding the colours I wanted was a random-guess affair.

This was compounded by the fact that I needed no fewer than six shades of grey (Grey 374, Dark Grey 376, Light Grey 371, Metallic Grey 91, Grey 57 and Matt Light Grey 75, if you're interested, not to mention Aluminium). Trying to work out which of the many shades on display were the ones I needed took quite some time, what with Dark Grey being mysteriously lighter than Grey and all.

I also spent ages searchi for Anthracite 9, only to find that according to the Humbrol chart it's exactly the same colour as Black 302. Cheeky Revell wanted me to buy both! I felt quite triumphant about thwarting their little plan...until I got home and discovered I'd accidentally bought two pots of Black anyway.

Oh, and ignoring the fact that I had left several months' worth of Tomcat busily drying on the kitchen table, I succumbed to temptation and slipped a very dinky 1:144 Airfix Saab Viggen into my basket (wardy, klepsydra and phoenicia will know why).

All in all, I must have forked over enough cash to feed a Third World family for a week.

Driving home, I suddenly remembered I don't have any paintbrushes.

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