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Saturday 16th March: The Bow Tie Epiphany

I had bought a set of proper evening dress (£6.99 in Oxfam, plus dry cleaning and trouser leg alterations) for the convention, because if I was ever going to cosplay James Bond, now was the time. I'd ordered a diamond bow tie in Bond Black, and spent a lot of time teaching myself to tie it.

Today was the day I suddenly got the hang of the tie, turning it from a ten-minute struggle to a ten-second smooth operation.

I was very pleased with myself.

I didn't have very many duties as Guest of Honour, leaving me free to attend panels, wander about, and accompany my writer friends to District Taco. However, there was a listing on Saturday evening for an event called 'GOH Dinner', so I thought I'd better not miss that.

Held offsite, this was a treat for sponsors, staff and other VIPs - including the Attendee Guest of Honour, chosen by lottery from those registered for the convention (a lovely tradition).

A minibus was waiting to take us to the restaurant. "Magic bus," observed the guy walking beside me. "You can buy the magic bus for one hundred English pounds," I replied, and we were instantly friends.

The restaurant was the Brazilian kind where they keep bringing you assorted meats on skewers until you beg them to stop. Sausages aside, I am not hugely carnivorous, so I ordered sea bass from the menu and it was delicious. There was conversation, there were speeches and toasts (not by me thank goodness), there was unlimited pudding.

Back at the hotel I managed to meet up with another internet friend, and drag him, along with his three companions, to a writing panel in which I was participating, thus upping the statistics nicely.


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