Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Tuesday 12th March: Redtail, Whitetail

John announced his intention of sitting in Starbucks for a couple of hours to get some work done. In the end we all went, and sat absorbed in our computers and companionable silence.

I popped to the nearby Giant supermarket to see if they sold stamps (they didn't) and to replenish the bread supply as I'd been eating a lot of toast. There was so much choice on display I zoned out and a checkout lady had to ask if I needed help, then conduct me to the baked goods aisle.

It was a beautiful afternoon, and Laurie took me with her to fly her drone in a park on the banks of the Potomac river. (Washington has many no-fly zones.)

We travelled a winding road through the woods, where I saw redtailed hawks and whitetailed deer. There were cormorants on the water as Laurie piloted the drone, and as we were leaving I spotted the blue and russet flash of an Eastern bluebird. I had already seen both a male and female cardinal (state bird of Virginia) on the bird table, so I was having a good day for wildlife.

In the evening I did something I had never done in the USA before, and went to a movie theater. The three of us saw Captain Marvel at the Alamo, a lovely cinema with comfortable seats and unlimited popcorn.

I know next to nothing about the Marvel comics universe - I mostly wanted to see the film because it was about female fighter pilots and had a cat in it - and I was impressed by how accessible it was to me, while also satisfying my more comics-inclined friends. Besides, I'm just the right age to appreciate a good joke about the Nineties.


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