Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Sunday 10th March: Keeping The British End Up In Virginia

The clocks went forward in the night, meaning I didn't wake up as ludicrously early as is usual on arrival in the US. I was happy to stay in bed until I heard people - and cats - moving about, whereupon I ventured downstairs for toast with peanut butter and grape jelly.

John and Laurie live in a quiet area outside the city, at the end of the Metro line. Their first action was to take me to a huge secondhand bookstore, 2nd & Charles, so I felt well looked after. I bought a couple of tatty spy novels and was delighted to receive a Virginia state quarter in my change, which I kept as a souvenir of my visit to Virginia.

It was nice to have a quiet day after all the travel. I spent the rest of it reading my new books and playing with the cats.


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Tags: cats, hols

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