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Sure they're interesting, but does LiveJournal PAY you to fill in those surveys?

I am used to consumer review site Ciao's incredibly dull paid surveys, but tonight's brought things to a new low:

Which statement best describes your role in purchasing toothbrushes?

Sadly 'Chief Oral Hygiene Facilitator' was not an option.

It all looks innocent so far, but a few questions in we find:

How often do you brush your teeth?
  • More than three times a day
  • Three times a day
  • Twice a day
  • Once a day
  • Less than once a day
Aaah. Light dawns. They want to find out if I'm an obsessive-compulsive!

It's only a pity that it was a multiple-choice setup rather than a free text box, so I couldn't put in something faintly disturbing like 'I name all my toothbrushes. Currently I'm using Martha.'

I get two quid in my account for answering five minutes' worth of this mindless drivel, and it's hard-won I tell you.

If anyone would like to join Ciao and get a penny a read for their Grate Thorts on confectionery, shampoo or computer games, please use this referral link and make me very happy. It's not as bad as it looks; I got a tenner for my review of Demon's broadband service last month, though such glittering prizes are rare.
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