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Morons from Outer Space

Last night I returned to the Prince Charles for a screening of Morons from Outer Space, a 1985 sci-fi spoof written by Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones that pretty much sank without trace at the time.

I hadn't seen it before, but it seemed very much my sort of thing. I was further tempted by the opportunity to meet a Twitter friend, Rich who does the Betamax Video Club podcast.

It turned out to be a fun movie, with a few great set pieces, some Dr Strangelove-esque military and political shenanigans and scenes In Space that manage to be both impressive and funny. My favourite part was the aliens' 'podule' crash-landing on the motorway, complete with angry drivers ("I think they were Belgian") and bored traffic cops ("Shall I put the cones out?" "Yeah, might as well").

Also, what a good actor Mel Smith is! The few genuine moments of pathos in the film were all his, as well as most of the funniest bits.

The screening was followed by a Q&A with Griff Rhys Jones (who was just as lovely as I've always assumed he would be) and director Mike Hodges (who was also responsible for Flash Gordon and 'didn't think it would ever see a projector' given what a mess it is).

I'm sure both Rhys Jones and Hodges have other things to do with their lives and don't need to spend their Wednesday evening hanging out with a bunch of nerds, so they must have come out of love for their creation and in particular for Mel. Good for them!
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