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Say It In Broken English

I've been very spoiled for movies this week. On Monday the Prince Charles was showing all three Naked Gun films back to back, which I couldn't resist. Obviously I could watch them on DVD any time I chose, but it's nice to go to the cinema, and besides there's no way I'd sit down and watch three DVDs on a Monday night.

It was clear that everyone was most familiar with the first of the trilogy, and there were little anticipatory ripples of laughter when a good gag was coming up. (It's possible I've seen that film literally one hundred times, yet I'd never previously noticed that Frank Drebin has a Davy Crockett costume hanging up in his apartment.)

Favourite line: "Everywhere I look, something reminds me of her."

The Smell of Fear made me unexpectedly sad at the loss of Richard Griffiths; the bit where he reads aloud from a novel entitled Strokin' the Love Muffin to wake up the audience he's put to sleep with his lecture on renewable energy sources is one of my favourite moments.

Favourite line: "Is this some kind of bust?"

Even those involved with it admit that The Final Insult is pretty tired, but it still has a terrific opening scene and a few good laughs, e.g. Frank listing his preferred jerkoff movies as Dances with Wolves, The Rocketeer and Lady & the Tramp.

Favourite line:
"'You might end up dead' is my middle name."

I recently discovered the existence of Screen25, an independent community cinema in South Norwood, and last night I went to see Cold War, which has just been nominated for a bunch of awards.

All I knew was that it was Polish, black-and-white, and probably depressing. As it turned out, it was also full of folk music, lovely cars and 1950s Paris. I'd been promised a love story spanning decades, and I was sorry it ended in 1964 just when things were getting groovy.

I'll admit I wasn't very convinced by the central love story; the couple seemed less 'the great loves of each other's lives' than simply 'horny'.

I don't know much about cinematography but I can appreciate a nice arty shot when I see one. I also don't know much about types of film or print, but the whole thing had a gorgeous silvery quality that showed up every detail. I'm very glad I caught it, and got to see it on a proper screen.

The friend I went with had, it transpired, seen rather a lot of depressing films lately. Luckily we're going to Local Hero at the BFI in a couple of weeks.
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