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The Queen of Spy Writers

Last year I got to know several lovely new people, both online and in real life, through the Spybrary website and podcast for fans of spy fiction. (We call ourselves Spybrarians.)

It was only a matter of time before I ended up on the podcast myself, even though most participants are writers and scholars in the field of espionage fiction and my skill set is more 'I drink and I know things'.

I contacted Spybrary creator Shane Whaley to suggest a show about Helen MacInnes, whose works I enjoy a great deal but who isn't, these days, as widely known as she was in the 1940s-1960s, when she was a prolific writer of thrillers.

I spent some of last Saturday afternoon recording with Shane (in the US) and author Merle Nygate (also in the UK) using the magic of VoIP. We geeked out and interrupted each other and argued and enthused. It was a lot of fun.

Because it was my first appearance on the podcast, I was also subjected to the Quick Fire round and quizzed on my favourite fictional spies.

You can find the podcast on iTunes and Spotify and things, or at
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