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Come Writers And Critics

Reading the Guardian's Review section over the weekend, I noticed a book entitled 'Yonder Stands Your Orphan'. This led me to wonder just how many books take their titles from Bob Dylan's lyrics, and what will happen when the supply runs out; the man is prolific, yes, but surely finite.

For those authors who have so little imagination they can't even figure out which lyrics to pinch, I've compiled a list of Dylan lines that I believe would lend themselves particularly well to this use, and what kind of books they might find themselves on the cover of.

If you have any further suggestions, or if you know of an actual book that uses one of my titles, do feel free to comment, you wiseass.

On the Chrome Horse - Cyberpunk anthology
Postcards of the Hanging - Candid, moving word-portraits of Death Row inhabitants
Among the Lumberjacks - The inside story of Monty Python
Brand New Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat - Entirely irony-free chick lit offering
Child With His Chinese Suit - Bittersweet tale of immigrant childhood
Vandals Took The Handles - A lighthearted look at toilet-related petty crime
A Thousand Telephones That Don't Ring - Essays on 9/11

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