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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Triumph of a Time Lord

I had dinner with friends last night and they introduced me to Marmite and cheddar sausages, which has changed my life significantly for the better.

More importantly, their nine-year-old daughter popped off to her room in the middle of the meal and returned wearing rainbow braces, because she is currently the 13th Doctor.

Unlike most people, she was delighted to discover that she was in the company of a massive nerd and admired my rendition of EX-TER-MI-NATE!

"Do you remember when there was a man made of sweets and everyone had to be happy?" she asked, describing an adventure she'd read about in her annual which I identified as (of course) The Happiness Patrol.

We discussed our favourite episodes from the series just finished, and she asked me why the Dalek in the New Year special was an octopus, whereupon I launched into the history of Skaro, the Kaleds and Davros.

Doctor Who is clearly doing something very right indeed.


This is wonderful to hear! ♥
When it was time for her to go to bed her dad gave her a big hug and said "You're my favourite Time Lord." I almost cried.
Must admit Resolution didn't overly engage me (though Chibbers had clearly seen Venom while scripting) however it is entirely possibly my opinion was invalid as I was wee bit tipsy from a few post NYE beers.
It was a bit Who-by-numbers but there was lots I enjoyed about it, with some funny moments and a couple of genuine scares.
I will have to rewatch sober lol.

I watched The Happiness Patrol not so long ago with Heather (mostly to prove Fifi was used in Space Vets) and I am surprised at the hate it gets and that the Kandyman is rather a small character in the story.

I'd like to rewatch it; I found it impressively scary at the time.
If memory serves. Though I think the prop was slightly altered.
I had dinner with friends last night and they introduced me to Marmite and cheddar sausages, which has changed my life significantly for the better.

"(Marmite and cheddar) sausages", or "Marmite and (cheddar sausages)"?

(I'd probably prefer the latter, myself.)
Ah, yes, that was ambiguous! The former!
What a lovely and encouraging anecdote :)
I've heard several similar stories and it's so lovely!
Many years ago, my sister's friend wrote a song called 'Valley of the Daleks'. I only recall one verse and the chorus:

Oh, Davros built us long ago
And taught us everything we know,
Creative killing was the rule
At the Davros Murder School.
And when the fun got thin
We went and did old Davros in...
Graduation in the Valley of the Daleks!

We're rotten, crude and inconsiderate,
We have no conscience, not one little bit,
We get our biggest thrill
Thinking up new ways to kill
And we come from the Valley of the Daleks!
From the Valley of the Daleks (ho ho ho)
We're Daleks!

By Taryn Evendim

If my sister can provide the whole song, I will post it some time on war_poetry.
Please do!! I'd never thought of Dalek war poetry but now I need some in my life.
Certainly they are warlike enough. I will do my best.

Valley of the Daleks

The song is posted now. I am sorry I have no way to convey the tune to you, as it was never recorded.

Re: Valley of the Daleks

No Deposit, No Return!! I love it - thank you so much for digging it out!

Re: Valley of the Daleks

You are most welcome; my sister and I are both glad you like it.

Here is another song you may enjoy, though it is a little dated now:

Flight Of The Conchords The Humans Are Dead

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