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Down to Hadestown

The weather on Saturday was filthy, but I had to brave it to get to the National Theatre for the matinee performance of Hadestown.

I wasn't sure what to expect from a musical based on the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, but it was terrific: great tunes, intense acting and filled with the kind of likeable humour that always makes tragedy bite deeper when it strikes.

Hermes, walking to the front of the stage to introduce the cast, made us laugh just by striking a pose.

Hades is a sinister, Godfather-like figure; Persephone is brittle, alcoholic and desperate. Orpheus and Euridice are young and in love and not quite sure how to handle it in these uncertain, hungry times. The Chorus work crazy hard. Everything crackles.

PERSEPHONE: You're early.
HADES: I missed you.

It felt like the kind of thing Bob Dylan would write if he wrote a musical: very clever, very catchy, with its roots in folk and blues and a really great number about trains.

I spent Sunday with a friend in Windsor, petted ALL of the dogs and got unreasonably excited on the dodgems.

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