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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Mr Jolly Lives Next Door

Recently, the former cinema on my road has become a cinema again after many years as a church. Last night I went along for the first time, to enjoy a screening and Q&A of Mr Jolly Lives Next Door, a Comic Strip Presents... film from 1987.

I went partly to support my lovely new local cinema, partly because I like the Comic Strip films and Rik Mayall, and partly because the Q&A was led by John Rain, host of the very funny and successful James Bond podcast Smersh Pod.

I'd not seen this particular Comic Strip before. Waiting in the bar for the start, I availed myself of a spare seat and met two guys, both named Steve, who immediately started telling me what a great film it was and what a treat I was in for.

A third, very flamboyant and possibly drunk, gentleman came over, introduced himself as Roland, patted me on the shoulder and expressed the hope that I would enjoy the film. A few minutes later the Q&A began and I realised he was in fact co-writer Rowland Rivron.

It became apparent in the Q&A and subsequent quiz that most of the audience were committed Mr Jolly fans. There was an interval before the screening in which we were given free gin & tonics, in keeping with the boozy nature of the movie, and I ran into a friend from Bond Twitter. It turned out he hadn't seen it either, and he switched seats so we could experience it together.

If you've watched any of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson's violent comedy offerings, you'll know what to expect from Mr Jolly, which also features Peter Cook and a very sporting Only Nicholas Bloody Parsons. (And, my friend pointed out, Thomas Wheatley, who is also in The Living Daylights, thus making this part of Bond Canon.) Rick and Ade run an escort agency called Dreamytime Escorts ("ESCORTS BESCORTS!"). There's exploding tonic water and a gangster called Mr Lovebucket. I laughed a lot.

More gin was supplied afterwards. I got a hug from Rowland Rivron, and will forevermore be discontent with films that don't end in hugs from a cast member. I finished my evening talking Bond with John Rain, which was very pleasant, would do so again.


I watched half of it. Utter madness. Quite enjoyable.

You either find Rik and Ade funny (like my dad) or you object enormously to them (like my mum).
It's a great film and all I can think of when ever the Tom Jones song starts playing. Five Go Mad in Dorset was always a favourite too :)
Oh, yes, Five Go Mad in Dorset was a great favourite with my family when I was growing up (in Dorset)!
I'm delighted that you met Rowland Rivron and he was drunk and flamboyant! This is how things should be!
He was falling-over drunk in the bar afterwards and asked me several times if I'd liked the film (I assured him I had). It was very special.