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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Småland Perfectly Formed 10: Sunday 23rd September

At a positively barbaric 6.30am (5.30am European time, let me remind you) we were thrown off the ferry into a stormy Essex morning. We filled up at Morrisons and parted ways at the A12/M25 junction. I got wetter on my journey home than I had at any point during the trip, and was grateful to arrive at my flat, drop my luggage on the floor and peel off my clothes.

We weren't sure about Småland before we set off, though we wanted to satisfy our curiosity. The distances would be vast, everything would be expensive, the roads would be unchallenging. All of this was true to a certain extent. But we also found great beauty, tasty food and, above all, kind and friendly people.

Everyone was so nice to us and so delighted we had come on our motorcycles to visit their country: Per and Haider, Gunnar James Bond Schäfer, waiters, supermarket cashiers and motorway ticket booth operators.

I couldn't always stop to photograph the scenery when I wanted to, and I'm sorry I can't show you more of what it was like, but it's all there in my head.

We explored only a tiny corner of Sweden on our ten-day trip, there's plenty more to see, and we both hope to return.

Miles: 88.3
Total miles: 2413.2
Avg mpg: 71.2




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Excellent travels, dude! Lots of places that I have *almost* visited but not quite (due to their proximity to Denmark), so it's been nice to read about them. I am very sorry that you experienced the above pizza though.
Oh, the pizza was entirely self-inflicted! I felt it had thrown down the gauntlet and I needed to rise to the challenge!
Sounds like you had a lovely time! Any plans to go back?
Nothing definite yet, but it would be great to explore some other parts of the country! Maybe a weekend in Stockholm, which would be more suited to a city break than a bike trip.