Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Småland Perfectly Formed 9: Saturday 22nd September

Sun and downpour alternated as we loaded up the bikes, setting the pattern for a day that would see us go west through Germany back to the Hook of Holland. We travelled quickly along the motorway system, skirting Hamburg and snatching a quick break at a service station (where the man on the coffee counter effortlessly upsold me a cake).

In the afternoon we cut a corner by going across the German countryside, which was filled with people doing mysterious but charming German countryside things, crossed the border to the Netherlands - marked proudly with the Dutch and EU flags - and made a petrol stop that ended up lasting an hour as we waited out the rain over coffee.

"Do you want a lekkere snacke?" asked Howard, reading the sign above a vending-machine. I did, and bought myself a hot cheese croquette.

We took the last few miles slowly, Howard because the growing darkness meant he wasn't always sure I was still behind him, I because my fuel was worryingly low (we were keen to hold off filling up again until we were back in the cheaper UK, and I ended up doing 35 miles on reserve).

By the time we'd rolled on to the overnight ferry I was too tired to do much more than eat, watch some Hanna-Barbera cartoons on the cabin telly, and sleep.

Miles: 424.3

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Tags: bikes, hols

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