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Weekend Espionage

I spent my weekend deeply embroiled in Spy Things.

Saturday morning was a talk at the Shuttleworth Collection on 'The Secret War and the Lysander', all about the role played by the Westland Lysander in SOE missions: landing agents in occupied France and, hopefully, getting them out again.

This was obviously very relevant to my interests, and I learned a lot about the aircraft and its operations. With an enthusiastic guide ("There'll be random shootings at the end!") and a knowledgeable audience of 15 or so, the talk overran by several minutes and we could all happily have hung around chatting all day.

On Sunday I assumed the code name 'Modesty Blaise' and took on the role of a new recruit to The Circus in an interactive spy game based on the works of John Le Carré. My friend Myk and I teamed up for an afternoon of dead drops and pickups, contacts and code words, all based around Soho.

(I find it highly suspicious that my first task was to pass the word 'Labrador' to our handler.)

The Fire Hazard Games agents did a brilliant job of keeping things exciting, keeping a straight face and denying that it wasn't the 1960s; no mean feat when we were receiving instructions on our mobile phones, which they insisted on calling 'your device'.

We reported in for the final debrief (we won no prizes, but didn't do appallingly either) before retiring to the pub.
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