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Alice Dryden

Småland Perfectly Formed 5: Tuesday 18th September

Nybro is the home of the world's only James Bond Museum, run by a fan so committed he has added 'James Bond' to his name. Obviously I was going to check this out.

The museum's parking spaces are named after Bond films, so Howard took 'GoldenEye' while I parked in the space with the JB007 number plate. There was nobody around, but after a few minutes owner Gunnar James Bond Schäfer appeared to let us in.

I have a particular interest in foreign film posters and editions of the books, so the museum was a delight. It's one man's private collection, but a huge collection, including the bikini worn by Swedish Bond girl Izabella Scorupco in GoldenEye. There's a tiny cinema, and a luxurious loo where you can sit surrounded by cases of Bollinger watching music videos (I selected The Living Daylights).

A recent acquisition was a hovercraft from Die Another Day, purchased from the Hovercraft Museum in Lee-on-Solent (which I visited earlier this year). To my great joy, I was allowed to sit in the driver's seat.

When we'd looked at everything, we asked Gunnar, who had given us just the right mixture of space to enjoy the museum and personal guided tour, to recommend us somewhere for lunch. He suggested a nearby bakery called Konditori with 1960s decor; he and Howard agreed that I would like this. I did.

I had a prawn and egg open sandwich followed by a thing like a Tunnock's Teacake on a macaroon base, filled with a pale green cream that tasted of pear drops. We also bought a loaf of lingonberry bread for later; it lasted for days and was delicious. Then it was back on the road again.

Sweden is very cautious about its roads, with many completely unnecessary STOP lines. At one point we passed a sign warning of a 10% downhill gradient, which is really nothing. While I was still laughing at this we made the descent and it revealed a blue lake so beautiful it took my breath away.

The sat nav took us to the location of our guesthouse, down a residential cul-de-sac near Linköping, but there was no sign indicating which of the houses we wanted. We knocked on a likely door and were greeted by a surprised-looking woman in slippers, holding a puppy, who had no idea what we were on about.

Luckily I am a secret agent extraordinaire and spotted a sticker on the mailbox of what turned out to be the right house.

Miles: 176.2



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