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Bank Holiday Bonding

I spent the Bank Holiday weekend in Peterborough with my friend M, a trainee vicar I met through the furry fandom and bonded with over our similar tastes in Bond (i.e. mocking Pierce Brosnan and perving over Timothy Dalton).

I got very cold and wet travelling up on Friday night, but was welcomed with fried chicken and a viewing of The Living Daylights ("God he's pretty." "Yes he is.") before heading to bed in a guestroom hung with aviation art.

On Saturday we took a bus into town for the Peterborough beer festival, where M was recognised by three separate sets of his parishioners and we met a delightfully wiggly collie puppy.

In the evening we went to see Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, principally to laugh at Brosnan and his manly chest thatch (which appears within milliseconds of his first screen appearance; I swear he has a special clause in all his contracts).

M was dubious about this entertainment and pushed for Mission: Impossible 6 instead, but he turned out to know all the words to 'Fernando' and we both had a lovely time. A charming, inoffensive film it's hard not to like. (We decided afterwards that Pierce employs a personal groomer for his chest hair, called the Moobraker.)

On Sunday I accompanied M to Eucharist to see him do his church thing. The congregation were terribly nice to me and kept telling me how lovely M was, which of course he is. Miserable weather provided an excuse to spend the rest of the day having a pub lunch, watching DVDs and playing computer games.

On Monday M collected his friend E from the station and brought him back for an impressive fryup. Then the three of us set off for Bletchley Park, currently hosting an exhibition of Bond-inspired art.

We looked around a few of the huts, then M bought us all ice creams and I got harassed by a swan who started pecking my legs every time I tried to sit down at one of the picnic tables, to the great amusement of all witnesses.

Afterwards we drove to St Mary the Virgin in Wellingborough, an impressive 20th-century church, where I was chuffed to spot a memorial to First World War flying ace Edward 'Mick' Mannock'.

We had a sort of late lunch/early supper at Wimpy, mostly so I could experience the joys of the Bender in a Bun, then it was time for E to head for the station and for me to pack up and set off for home, exhausted from a long weekend of doing cool stuff and laughing hard and often.
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