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Cat Air

The adventures of Local Kingsize Fox

My corner of London, like most corners of London, has a thriving population of urban foxes, often heard yawping in the night or seen loping purposefully along the street as if they own it.

We are blessed, here, with a large and magnificent specimen whom I have dubbed Local Kingsize Fox. He must be getting on for a metre from his nose to his tail, which makes up in length what it lacks in floofiness.

A while ago I was sorry to note that he was limping (although I still laughed cruelly when I saw him try to jump into a hedge and miss), but he's back on form now, and looking extra lush and handsome for summer.

Yesterday evening my flatmate called me into the living-room to witness LKF climbing up on the flat roof opposite, which was probably nice and warm from a day of sun. I spent a good 20 minutes watching him snooze and groom up there. Here are some of the best results from my bridge camera.






Adorable little (or not so little, as the case may be) critter.
Handsome beast
He really is! Not all mangy and manky as they often are.
Wow! I can see from his demeanour that he is the confident lord of all he surveys. Great pictures of a lovely animal.
Yes, he very much rules the roost! Long may he reign.

Common but still strangely magical; a character in so many old children’s stories and nursery rhymes. So obviously nearly a dog but so obviously not.

Yes - and a wild creature living parallel to us!

I recently saw foxes described as 'cat software running on dog hardware', which seems about right.
Good tail there, Sir Fox!
You could sweep the floor with it!