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The adventures of Local Kingsize Fox

My corner of London, like most corners of London, has a thriving population of urban foxes, often heard yawping in the night or seen loping purposefully along the street as if they own it.

We are blessed, here, with a large and magnificent specimen whom I have dubbed Local Kingsize Fox. He must be getting on for a metre from his nose to his tail, which makes up in length what it lacks in floofiness.

A while ago I was sorry to note that he was limping (although I still laughed cruelly when I saw him try to jump into a hedge and miss), but he's back on form now, and looking extra lush and handsome for summer.

Yesterday evening my flatmate called me into the living-room to witness LKF climbing up on the flat roof opposite, which was probably nice and warm from a day of sun. I spent a good 20 minutes watching him snooze and groom up there. Here are some of the best results from my bridge camera.




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