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Furwell My Lovely

The Bank Holiday weekend was ConFuzzled, my annual trip to Birmingham to hang out with my fellow-furries.

This was the first year I had a brief try at dressing up. The theme was games, so I downloaded and built Wintercroft's low-poly wolf mask, and combined with an all-black outfit it looked pretty effective:


(The other fellow is my lovely, and tall, friend Francis Shepherd enjoying his very first con.)

Arakin came over from Berlin bringing a copy of Death Train, a terrible 1993 movie starring Pierce Brosnan, Patrick Stewart and, improbably, Christopher Lee. On Saturday evening we gathered together with Francis and JM Horse to watch the hell out of it over a few martinis, which was one of my convention highlights.

I was on several writing and editing panels, including one with Guest of Honour Ryan Campbell and his husband Jakebe, who are both delightful.

Kandrel and I did our now-traditional 'Bedtime Stories', reading our works out loud to an audience as a wind-down at the end of the day, and I reprised my role as reader-outer of entries to the five-sentence flash fiction competition, which is always fun. (Stories have to follow the theme of the convention, and someone had written one about GoldenEye N64, forcing me to read the phrase 'the polygon-etched form of Pierce Brosnan' out loud.)

Another fun event was the Agent November escape room, which I attempted with Televassi, Arakin and Francis. We failed to defuse the bomb in time, but had fun trying (a mission that largely involved running through the hallways in silly hats).

It was wonderful reconnecting with the friends I only see once a year, spending quality time with the ones I get to see more often, meeting lovely Twitter people in person and making lovely brand new friends. And the next con I go to, all being well, will be in Virginia!


Improbable that Christopher Lee should appear in a terrible movie? Oh, come on: he probably appeared in more terrible movies than any other actor of his standing. Of course there were one or two good ones too.
Fair point. He was also pretty improbable as a Russian general, though!
I'm pretty sure GoldenEye N64 is where the Geddan meme came from. XD

There's an escape room I drive past every day. One of these days I want to go to it!

Glad you had fun at the con!

I'm a bit nervous about things like escape rooms in case I'm terrible at them, but it turns out not to matter :)
I get flustered easily so I probably wouldn't do too well in an escape room. XD
Yeah, I'm not good under time pressure!