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Secret Agent Dog

An Honourable Furry

I am both shaken and stirred to announce that I have been chosen as Guest of Honour at Fur the More 2019, to be held in Tysons Corner, Virginia, from 15th - 17th March next year.

This will be the convention’s seventh year, so the theme is Fur the More 007: Furry Never Dies. (I know. I can’t think why they picked me, either.)

It’s a great honour and an amazing opportunity - one that might only come my way once - and I plan to enjoy it to the full.

Guest of Honour duties include taking part in events, hosting panels and, oh gosh, probably making a speech or something, help.

I’ll never forget that at my first furry convention, ConFuzzled 2013, the GOH was the lovely Kyell Gold, who was incredibly kind to me at a time when I was just starting out as a writer. It was a huge boost and it really made the con for me. It would be wonderful if I could do that for someone else.

I am, of course, suffering pretty massively from impostor syndrome; I know plenty of furry writers who are much more talented, hard-working and deserving than I am.

But, in fairness, I don’t know many who are quite so keen on James Bond.

I will try my absolute best to be a good ambassador, and I look forward to keeping the British end up in Virginia.


Wow, this is brilliant! Many congratulations, and well done on everything you've done to be worthy of the honour. I hope you have a fantastic time and look forward to the pictures and stories from Virginia.
Thank you! It was a huge surprise to be asked, as I haven't been writing in the fandom all that long and I've only had short stories published rather than novels. And I'm excited about the location; it's close to Washington DC, so I hope I'll get the chance to extend my stay and do some tourism, and also to Maryland, where I stayed with a biking friend a few years ago and had a lovely time, so with luck I'll see him again too.

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Thank you!
Congratulations INDEED!

I think this is entirely well-deserved — you're a well-known, highly-regarded, successful, and productive writer, and there's really every reason why they would've chosen – and did choose – you as their GoH.

And the theme? Perfect fit. :)

I hope it'll be a great experience – and I'm sure it will be, too –, and who knows? Maybe in 2025, an alumnus of yours (as it were) will be GoH at some convention in turn. ^^ (On that note — wouldn't it be fun to get kyellgold's perspective, hear how he got into writing, his first furry convention, his first time as GoH, and all that?)
Thank you, Schnee! That reply is just full of wisdom and sweetness, and I really appreciate it. *hugs*
*hugs* More than welcome! ^.^
That's excellent!
\o/ I am very excited!