Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Côte d'Opale

The unseasonably lovely weather over the last few days has made everyone go a bit barmy, each of us in our own special way.

In my case it got me checking the price of a day return on the Eurotunnel, which turned out to be not much. So on Sunday morning I set off with the intention of riding some nice roads, looking at the sea and having a nice lunch.

I succeeded on all counts except the lunch, which somehow always ends up being supermarket sandwiches and regret.

I emerged from the Chunnel, did 500m of motorway to extract myself from Calais, and spent the rest of the day on the D roads.

I rode the nice coastal route down to Le Touquet, familiar from a scooter rideout or two, then headed inland looking for a Michelin green (scenic) route I wanted to try. I got lost and didn't find it, but I did find many other things, including Montrueil, a pretty town on top of a hill. The through road turned into cobbles for quite a long way, but it was worth it.

I hacked about in a roughly northerly direction, relying on the position of the sun and vague memories of town names, before emerging back on the coast road 11km from Boulogne. It was a shock to be back on a relatively busy road after an hour of very little other traffic, but fun to pass through the holiday towns with their seafood restaurants and beachwear shops.

The UK Border Force thought the whole business was very suspicious and asked me where I'd been, if I'd brought anything back (a bag of Haribo) and if I'd met anyone (certainly not). Then they graciously allowed me to return home.

250 road miles. I was out of the house ten hours. Modern life is amazing.
Tags: bikes, hols

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