Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Hubris and Nemesis

Not so smug today.

A slip of the mouse in Dreamweaver's site map led me to move a folder on the intranet into another folder. I don't know which folder I moved or where it's gone. Given that it asks me every damn time whether I want to delete a file, you'd think it would prompt for moving too, but no. Nor is there an Undo.

Excel has been getting the better of me, too. I got 70% in the Excel test at Blue Arrow, but that consisted of tasks like 'save the file' and a moderately intelligent badger who'd used Word a couple of times could have faked it. Nobody ever told me about Pivot Tables.

As an encore, I seem to have broken the content management system. No, wait - it was always broken, but it took a skilled user like me to find the bugs. Yesss.

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