Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Who Killed Anne Tenor?

I spent last night in 1969, investigating a murder.

Dead Drop is an interactive murder mystery with secret agents, aviation and horrible puns, so it was obviously going to be right up my street. My companion and I had a wonderful time solving puzzles, playing baccarat and trying to get information out of suspicious characters with silly names.

One of the suspects was carrying a copy of Octopussy as part of his cover, and I quickly abandoned my attempt at interrogation in favour of having a conversation about James Bond set in 1969, which was terrific fun:

ME: There's this smokin' hot dude in The Lion in Winter. Reckon he'd be a good Bond in a few years.
SUSPECT: What, Anthony Hopkins? Bit short, isn't he?

I probed the poor guy's Fleming knowledge extensively and he kept his end up throughout.

An incredible amount of skill and effort had obviously gone into creating a plot with clues you can tackle in any order, sustaining the characters in the face of whatever gets thrown at them, and making the night fun in every way for the guests. Great work all round.

(My hot tip is [Spoiler (click to open)]to return to the baccarat table at a quiet moment, after you have the information you need; you may be offered a quick private high/low game and be lucky enough to win a free drink.)

We failed to identify the murderer but we did win the prize for being the best-dressed agents. Deservedly, I think you'll agree.

Sadly, tonight is the last night of Dead Drop, because the venue, Wringer & Mangle in Spitalfields, is closing down. But I will be keeping an eye out for future games from A Door In A Wall.

Now, how am I going to explain the flaming skull temporary tattoo on my wrist?

Tags: james bond, planes, spies

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