Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Crime Doesn't Pay

I had a phone call and email from the police on Friday to say that my stolen bike had been found in a lockup garage in north London, believed to have been used for smash and grabs and other CRIMES. It's currently in the hands of the law, getting dusted for fingerprints and things.

This is the replacement bike, the one I had about 6 weeks before it was stolen. Maddeningly, the insurance claim hasn't gone through yet (my fault for being slow to get the documents across) so this is all my problem.

I really don't want this bike back; I'm very much in love with the new one, plus I don't want to own something that's been involved in horrible crimes.

I also feel weirdly guilty about my property being used for said crimes.

The good news is that my bike was recovered as part of a significant Swoop - the officer I spoke to sounded terribly pleased with himself and described the contents of the lockup as a 'treasure trove' - and there will probably be arrests.
Tags: bikes
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