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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Homeward Bound

The news broke this week that Paul Simon would be closing Hyde Park's BST festival in July, and that the gig would also close his touring career, more than 50 years on from the Tour of One Night Stands.

I've bought a ticket, obviously. I'm already sad at the thought of never seeing him again.

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I am glad you will get to see him; it should be a most memorable performance.
I felt I had to catch this one. I wonder what he'll say about it? Maybe nothing; he can be the come on, play, walk off type.
I wonder what he will play. He has a lot of material to choose from; maybe he will do all his own favorites.
That would be a nice way to do it! It's a long career to draw from. (Personally, fingers crossed for American Tune.)