Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Road Movie To Berlin: 3

On Sunday I levelled up in city breaks by making a side trip to Wolfsburg, home of the Volkswagen factory. I had discovered that the AutoMuseum Volkswagen was hosting an exhibition of Bond cars, and this seemed reason enough to go and explore somewhere new.

Taking an intercity train in a foreign country on my own was a new experience, and I enjoyed the journey even though I spent most of it worrying about being on the wrong train/having the wrong ticket/getting out at the wrong station. It all went FINE, of course.

I did, however, initially manage to go to the wrong museum, the much bigger and posher AutoStadt. I paid for entry and spent about half an hour looking round before it dawned on me that something was Not Right. I was too embarrassed to try and explain, and perhaps obtain a refund, so I just crept away.

Fifteen minutes' walk brought me to the right museum, which was much smaller and friendlier. I paid 6€ and the lady on the front desk instructed me to have 'lots of fun', which was a dangerous suggestion in the circumstances.

I looked around the rest of the museum, which was all completely delightful. Who doesn't love Beetles, and camper vans? They even had Herbie (well, a promotional Herbie, not an actual film star; I imagine there wasn't much left of the ones they used in the movies).


Then it was time for the bit I'd really come for.


The exhibition is called WOB-007, by the way, because WOB is the number plate code for Wolfsburg. I am nothing if not educational.

Someone had made a list of every single VW to appear in a Bond film, with screenshots, which was quite a labour of love. Sadly, the only one on display was a pickup lorry from the 1967 Casino Royale. (I'd been hoping to see the Beetle from On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which was the only one I could think of.)

This was a much smaller affair than the London Film Museum's Bond in Motion, but contained numerous items I hadn't seen before because they belong to private collectors or museums in Germany. I was particularly excited about the 200 quattro from (of course) The Living Daylights, which spends much of its time locked up in Audi's vaults and had been allowed out to play because the marque is part of the Volkswagen Group. It was also great to see a selection of German posters and press cuttings, as well as lots of toy cars.


Lots more photos on my Flickr >

Once even I had seen enough, I wandered the town, found a lovely wolf pack sculpture, and ended up in McDonald's eating a Nutella muffin before the train back.

McD's was also offering a burger with rösti, which I would definitely have tried if I hadn't been going out for a meal with Arakin and my furry-writer friend Rob on my return to Berlin.

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