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Dogfight [by the_gneech]

Road Movie To Berlin: 2

The Deutsches Technikmuseum has a plane on the roof, so I was obviously longing to go there. We did this on Saturday, spending five hours in the museum and seeing barely a quarter of all it has to offer.

The top two floors of the main building are devoted to aviation, and it was great to see this from the German point of view. The centrepiece is a Junkers Ju-52 airliner, one of my favourites, and there are artefacts from the history of Lufthansa. It's also interesting to see the Second World War from the other side, with a wrecked Lancaster bomber next to a display of air raid shelters and first aid kits.

The plane on the roof, meanwhile, is a 'Raisin bomber' from the Berlin airlift, and there's a display about this that will make you cry.

However, my favourite thing may have been the drinks cabinet from First World War ace Ernst Udet's postwar plane.

After a restorative coffee and cake, we tackled the cars in the building next door, followed by a section on the internet and smart homes excellently entitled DAS NETZ.

When the museum closed at six I took the U-bahn out to Alt Mariendorf to spend my evening with Marcy and her two teenage cats, Max and Moritz, who immediately assumed I was their new best friend and came over to say hi. For the rest of the evening they divided their time between snuggling adorably in their basket, playing adorably with a laser pointer, and snuggling adorably next to us, while we ate pizza, drank wine and talked scooters.

P1200065 IMG_1217 P1200074 IMG_1222
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That's Udet's drink cabinet in the second-to-last picture, I presume? Excellent — I can see why it got your seal of approval, and it's getting mine as well!
Sorry, yes it is! I'm not sure how it came to be preserved with its contents like that...
I confess, it's that photo which particularly caught my eye. ^_^;

BTW, if you have a Waitrose nearby, you may find they carry not only Martin Miller's standard (excellent - such an unusual mouth feel; and goes exceptionally well with Fever Tree's elderflower tonic, complementing the gin's cucumber nature) gin, but their "hey, let's make something even more so" variant. I haven't yet picked up a bottle, but.. it's really just a matter of time. =:)

Cat yoga videos would be quite sublime. Maybe more along the lines of tai chi, though.
Thank you for the tip! I've started buying a lot of my booze from https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com, but sometimes it's good to go to a physical shop.

I see Heston at Waitrose is now doing a sherbet lemon vodka alongside their Earl Grey gin. Tempting.
Ah, Udet. Quite the boozer between the wars. Second only to Lothar, I heard tell. XD

Max and Moritz are adorbs!
I don't know much about him but I do know he was quite the playboy!

M&M were such sweet boys. I need to get out of this renting business so I can have creatures of my own again.
Oh, was he EVER! LOL. Totally not at all suited for his next job, either. He was too nice of a guy, honestly.

Yes, yes you do - I was just thinking about Chip and Pin a little while ago, while looking at pics of my own Gerbils from a long time ago.
I can believe that. Such a shame.

I always enjoy other people's pets (including yours!) but I miss having my own. Hmm.