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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Happy New Year

So. Remember my new bike, that I got to replace my old bike that got stolen?

Well, shortly before Christmas, it got stolen.

I was riding it at the time, so it was technically more of a mugging on this occasion. Two youths on a scooter; they forced me over to the side of the road, shouting at me to get off the bike, and when I refused they pushed me off it and took it. My bag was in the topbox, so they got my wallet and mobile, too.

It's all been incredibly annoying, but last week I took delivery of a shiny and gadget-laden 16 plate model, so I can draw a line under it all and look forward to many happy and safe miles.



Egads! Another bike stolen, during a mugging no less? What IS the world coming to?

The new ride's looking great at least. I hope this'll be the last time any bike of yours ever gets stolen!
Me, too - thank you!
Yay, many happy and safe miles.
Oh my god - what a horrible thing to happen. Glad you have a shiny new replacement though xx
Yes - the new one is considerably newer than either of the old ones, and is making me smile, though I'm constantly anxious I'll come out and find it gone.
I hope I'm wrong, but I have a terrible feeling of foreboding about this.
I'm constantly nervous it'll go. But neither of the others was taken from my home address, and sadly I'm going to admit defeat and avoid the area where the other thefts happened.
Again? :O

I'm glad you're ok though. The situation could've been a lot worse.
Thank you!

Oh my goodness! So glad you weren’t hurt, and that you have that fine new machine now, but gee whilikers!

You read about these things happening, but in the city, not out in the suburbs where I am. Ugh.
Constables need to crack these nuts hard, crime is out of control in London and it's environs :(

Glad your physically okay, hopefully you're doing okay head space wise.

Thanks! Yes, I've got a lot of stuff to process. And you're right about crime, especially bike-related crime, in London.
Argh, dude! May this be the end of your run of unpleasantness with bikes.
Thank you! Here's hoping.
Bloody hell!

That said, I'm in awe of your resilience.
Getting another one wasn't an easy decision, but I do feel a bit incomplete without wheels.
Ugh, people! New new bike does indeed look shiny.
I am very in love with it, which is helping.
What the fruit! TWICE? Ugh. I hope this one is the last one you have to get for a long time.

Is anything being done over there for these crimes?

I hope you're okay; I'd be shook for years over this.
Me too - thank you! And I'm still nervous when there's another bike behind me, for sure - which is a shame, because in the past I'd just have thought 'hello, fellow biker'.

The police are starting to take bike crime a bit more seriously, but I think someone will be seriously hurt or killed before they manage to stop it or cut it down.