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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Überlin 4: Sunday 26/11

This morning I was going to participate in a fine Berlin tradition, at the suggestion of a friend from the Vespa forum: brunch!

Arakin and I joined my scooting pal at her chosen café, and made our strategic choices from the vast buffet, where breakfast foods rubbed shoulders with macaroni cheeese and all the components of a roast dinner.

I had a first round of scrambled eggs, bacon, smoked salmon, cheese and a bread roll, then returned for curry and rice plus a few potato croquettes because I really like potato croquettes, wrapping up with a mixed bowl of rice pudding, custard, apple puree and fruit compote.

Arakin and I strolled back to the station past the city's own Bob Dylan tribute busker, who was deep in A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, and headed for another great Berlin institution: the flea market at Mauerpark, where I inevitably bought a stupid army surplus hat that would make all my Berlin-based friends roll their eyes at me when they saw it. My head was cold. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

After this we visited the free Berlin Wall Memorial, dedicated to life on both sides of the Wall and the people who escaped, or failed to. There's a recreated section with the 'death strip' and a watchtower, which looked suitably creepy in the fading light.

The evening's wandering took us close to Checkpoint Charlie, where I was able to tick off another Living Daylights location: the corner of Kochstrasse and Wilhelmstrasse, site of the block of flats from which Bond shoots at the KGB sniper.

Then into the warmth of the Rausch chocolate shop (featuring such wonders as a chocolate model of Berlin's TV tower) and café, where we were joined by Rob. Choosing from the extensive cake and hot chocolate menu was tricky; I went for a chilli hot chocolate and a "gentleman's little cake", a concoction of dark chocolate and apricot jam.




Classic look in the picture there. It really suits you!

And Rausch is fantastic. <3 My favorite brand of chocolate, but sadly they stopped making their stuff available in supermarkets and department stores; you can only get it on the Internet anymore, or in their own store in Berlin. I'm sure this must've made business sense to someone, but for me it's a big loss.
Thank you! I do love my black raincoat, which came from a vintage/junk shop on my road.

Gosh, I didn't realise Rausch were so exclusive. It does seem weird to funnel everyone to Berlin or make them use the internet. (And I've just remembered that I still have the little individual chocolate that came with my hot chocolate, yay!)
Vintage shops are the best for that sort of thing. :)

I don't know what got into Rausch there — they're a fairly expensive brand as far as chocolate goes, but not the most expensive, and they certainly weren't more expensive than other brands you'd find in brick-and-mortars stores (even the ones us mortals frequent).

Ah well! Heilemann has all but cloned Rausch's product line and is selling those at the same price that Rausch did, so it's really Rausch's loss. :P
Oohhhhhhh look at that chocolate shop.
The cafe was pretty amazing too!
Ooo, dark chocolate and apricot! Did it live up to its teasing promises? Ah, would that Britain had more of a pastry tradition (and without elevating the prices to "artisan" levels).. gods know, it's difficult to pass by some of those Belgian chocolatier or French or German bakery windows without being lured in. ^_^;

The street photo does, of course, have to be in monochrome. ^_^ Although I start then to be reminded of The Third Man, which isn't quite so much about Berlin. =:)

Vienna is also a place I'd love to visit!

The cake was great: small and rich, and, as I'd hoped, picking a plain chocolate concoction worked well with the chilli hot chocolate.
Ohh good times and love the street photo too :)

I'll take a kilo of the dark please :P

You should have seen the chocolate aeroplane suspended from the ceiling. Truly a shop of wonders!