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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Überlin 2: Friday 24/11

Arakin went off to work, and I headed into town for a day of strolling and shopping. I spent a silly amount of time wandering the Alexanderplatz transport hub due to my inability to read the map properly and work out what kind of train I wanted, but this, too, was all part of the tourist experience.

I visited a motorcycle clothing shop and an aviation shop, but managed to keep my cash in my wallet. In a bookshop near Tempelhof I found a book all about eastern European motorcycles for 5 euros, and had a successful chat with the bookshop owners, who had been unaware there was a DDR Motorcycle Museum in their city. (They recommended the Spy Museum, which I visited on my first trip. Good guess.)

I returned to Arakin's flat using his spare keys, but was soon summoned out again to go to a very nice Chinese restaurant, where we dined in the company of another UK fur who has made Berlin his home. We followed this up with ice cream before heading back to the flat for a quick game of 10 Minutes to Kill.



It’s an interesting syndrome I’ve noticed in many places - a skilled voyager such as yourself may be able to inform locals of events or attractions they weren’t aware of. ^_^

It’s rather a curious twist that Berlin’s wound up as the de facto capital of European tech startups. ^_^ But then, Germany’s long had a deserved tech reputation, and that’s extended into modern hacker culture, so I suppose wherever such a hotspot emerged, Berlin had a head start, despite its 20th Century past. (Or possibly aided thereby? Mother of invention, and all that)
It's strange, because Germany doesn't seem all that well internetted up (though it's doing better than France).