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I'm having a good year for Bond on the big screen. Last night was Octopussy at the Institute of Light in east London, as part of the newly-formed SUPAKINO's 'Turbans Seen On Screen' season.

Before the film, there was a short, funny talk by Del Singh, who explained how he came to be hired by Eon Productions to tie villain Gobinda's turban for him. Then we were treated to a surprise Skype call with Gobinda himself, actor Kabir Bedi, in India (where it was gone midnight).

I invited JM Horse, Bastett and Ruxley to join me, which they did, blissfully unaware that I planned to spend the entire evening referring to them as my 'Octoposse'. I also got to meet a friend from James Bond Twitter (which is a thing).

It was a lovely, fun, friendly event and I wish SUPAKINO all the best for the future. I'm sure I'll be back.

Tags: films, james bond

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