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I picked up a new scooter at the weekend.

A friend from a biking forum dropped me a line to say that his old bike (a slightly newer, lower mileage machine than mine, same model) was for sale at his local dealer, and he reckoned he could swing me a good deal on it.

The idea of owning a bike with a known pedigree appealed, the price was good, and as the old one is most likely gone forever, and I need to get to work and other places, I went for it.

Howard took me down to JS Gedge, in Sussex, on his pillion, and my forum friend came along to watch us seal the deal, bringing his Staffie cross, Diesel, with him as a bonus.

It's all happened very quickly, and I'm not taking as much delight in my new toy as I usually would, because I'm still upset about the old toy. But I expect we'll bond once I get a few miles under my belt.

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