Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden


Last Saturday marked ten years since my dad died. I found it unexpectedly difficult and was glad when it was over.

What I miss most is being able to tell him things. I lead a lucky life; I get to do some wonderful, fun stuff, and I'm very grateful. This year I've flown in a Dragon Rapide and been entrusted with a position of responsibility on a Bike Normandy motorcycle tour, and he would have been so pleased and proud and excited about it all.

On Monday night I watched Beyond the Sea, the X-Files episode in which a convicted murderer offers to pass Scully a message from her recently-deceased father if she'll get him off Death Row. It crossed my mind often back in late 2007, because I wanted a message, too.

Scully, of course, soon gets back to her awesome sceptical self and declines to bargain with murderers. Mulder asks her how she can bear not knowing what the message was -

SCULLY: But I do know.
SCULLY: He was my father.
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