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Casino Royale


40th birthday logo


Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Happy birthday! :)
Thank you!
Wooo welcome to the top of the hill. Your old fart package is on its way, XD
Looking forward to the ride down!
Happy Cakeday.
There was cake! It was yum! Thank you!
I hope it was a Dogtanian cake
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Happy birthday!

Is that an actual quote from a Bond novel?
Thank you ^.^

Yes - it's from On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I should have added ta

Happy birthday! I'll be 50 in twelve days, nooo.
Happy (belated) birthday! I hope your event yesterday was an absolute blast :-)
Thank you! It really was - I'll write it up when I'm feeling more coherent :)
Happy birthday in advance (while we briefly share a decade)! I hope you have a great time saying goodbye to your forties.
Had a blast! Thanks for inviting me.

Anyone else turning 40 soon?
Is it that there Steve next?
I think he's next in the chair, yes. I wont be far behind him either...
In 17 years. XD
Oh, hush, you! :P