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Summer of Spies 2

Last night was another Summer of Spies event at Waterstones, and one to which I had been keenly looking forward: the Literary Spy Quiz.

I teamed up with my friend Myk, veteran quizzer and fellow spy fan.

I was cheered to find the first three questions easy (on Our Man in Havana, Modesty Blaise and Len Deighton), but things did get harder and there were several 'damn, I should have known that' moments when the answers were read out.

There was also a bonus round of questions from the GCHQ Puzzle Book, at which we both fared terribly.

We ended up coming a close second out of five teams, and specially commended for our team name (A ROOM WITH A Q, courtesy of Myk).

Then the quizmasters did some adding up and announced that we and the winners had tied for top place on the GCHQ questions (with something like two-fifths of a point each), netting each team a bottle of wine. (Myk promptly offered to look after this until such time as he might invite me round to dinner.)

I suspect, actually, that the shop staff thought we were nice and wanted us to have a good time, which we did. They were lovely throughout and seemed prepared to keep shaking up free Vesper Martinis all night. (Luckily I was on the bike and thus limited in my intake; we also went for a pizza afterwards, giving me time to sober up.)
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