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Down By The Waterline

Yesterday evening I headed to the vicinity of Windsor for some watery fun with Yagfox at the recently-opened Liquid Leisure complex. We did an hour on the Aqua Park and an hour's stand up paddle boarding, and I am KNACKERED today.

The Aqua Park bit is an inflatable obstacle course, with lots to climb up, bounce on, balance your way across, and slide or jump down. I was just as terrible at it as you imagine, but I had a lot of fun. (It didn't help that Yag kept humming the theme from On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which tended to make me laugh and fall off.)

Paddle boarding, on the other hand, turns out to be a relaxing and contemplative activity. We were the only two takers for this late-evening session (having done the Aqua Park in the company of a dozen very excited children), and we floated around chatting to each other. I only fell off once, but I should probably have been a little more daring and done it more often. By the end of the session I could just about stand up on the board without my knees wobbling and calves protesting.

We were both ravenous after all this fresh air and exercise, so headed into town to eat burgers before I hit the road for home.




Boy, that sounds like fun!
I was a bit nervous about it, but it was brilliant! (Bit cold though; we hired wetsuits and I was glad we had.)

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Ooh, now that sounds like fun! I love being in water — I wonder if there's any such aqua parks in these parts.
It seems like quite a new thing here. You'd think our weather wouldn't be conducive to it, but you're moving around, and wetsuits are available. (There were some cold-looking people hanging around between sessions, though!)
Oh yeah, a wetsuit would be a must, I'm sure. Good thing they had them available; was it easy finding one that fit? When I went SCUBA diving (just a few times, alas) it was always a bit of an issue finding one that would fit me.

(There were some cold-looking people hanging around between sessions, though!)

Note to self, bring several (warm) towels.
There was also excellent hot chocolate :)

The guy at the wetsuit hire place just looked at us and went 'medium; medium'. It was a little baggy round the middle and long in the arms and legs, but that didn't seem to matter in the water.
There was also excellent hot chocolate :)

This place just keeps on sounding better and better!
That place looks like a real hoot, fun times! :)

I was wondering about the wet suit - stuff that lot into a saddle bag would be challenging :) I didn't know that renting one was a Thing.

I left the bike at my friend's place and came over in his car, because putting bike gear on when you're slightly damp isn't pleasant! But a colleague was recommending wetsuits and saying that they let her swim in the sea all year round, so I'm considering a purchase...
Solid call on riding shotgun with with Yagfox :)

Wetsuits, at least reasonably good quality ones out here, are in the Not cheap category. If you were up for taking PADI certificate and all however, that would be a solid investment.

Not sure if KTM and Ducati have mastered their underwater scrambler designs quite yet though :D

Not sure about that, but I would love to get into the world of jetskis, which looks like the nearest equivalent to a water bike!
Sounds like fun! With the 100 degree F temps here for most of this week I wish there was something like that around here! XD
Oof, yes! I'd find that pretty hard to cope with.
The AC broke where I work but thankfully there were a few fans lying around. XD
We've installed some air conditioner units at work. Unfortunately they make a noise like an airliner and make me want to go to sleep!
That's where the airhorns come in. XD
Coo! That's a surprisingly fun development. ^_^ Last time I was anywhere near a water park was way too long ago, sadly - not out of any attempt to avoid such, as I'm very fond of water (a bit odd, for a bunny). That said, right now, I might have to hold off on such for maybe a year or so, but I ought to bear it in mind, especially considering it might not be impossible to reach, depending on how cunningly they've avoided train and bus links. =:)

The second photo really needs a tail, yanno? =:)
It's my 'worst James Bond ever' pic!

What the UK lacks is a Bill & Ted-style water park with flumes and things; we just don't have the weather for it, but I long to go to one, either in the States or somewhere like Spain.