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Remember When Everyone Used To Write Con Reports?

I am returned from my annual bout of furriness at ConFuzzled! Well, I returned on Tuesday, but have only now got round to writing it up.

Shortly after my arrival on Friday evening I was dragged into the pub quiz, where my specialist subject turned out to be listing the seven Latin noun cases (nom voc acc gen dat abl and the LOCATIVE used for towns small islands domus and rus as any fule kno). My teammates were greatly impressed.

Saturday was spent checking out the various attractions of the Dealers' Den and Art Auction, presenting on writing panels, and hanging out in the bar with whoever happened to be around.

On Sunday I awoke to many Twitter notifications and the news that my short story 400 Rabbits had won the 2016 Cóyotl Award for best short story. Lots of people came up to congratulate me, and it really made my con.

Ultrafox and I made our now-traditional foray outside the convention hotel for something approaching normality and decent grub, which on this occasion turned out to mean Nando's at the Resorts World shopping centre.

The day ended with Bedtime Stories, an event at which fellow-author Kandrel and I read our work aloud. It's one of my favourite bits of the convention, as I get to hear and see the reaction to something I've written. I read a story as yet unpublished, but about which I'm very excited, and got some nice feedback.

On Monday I lent my voice once again to reading out the entries for the five-sentence Flash Fiction competition, and we learned that if you put a free text field on the internet, someone will type 'fart' into it.

My day ended with a room party in one of the executive suites, attended by many of the very nicest folk and punctuated by the now-traditional rounds of ssshing when things got too rowdy.

Then suddenly it was Tuesday, and time to depart. I got geared up, offered a round of sweaty biker hugs (not as good as sweaty fursuit hugs) to anyone who couldn't run away quickly enough, and departed.

I travelled south in a biker convoy with Bastett and JM Horse, and stopped off at their place for a cuppa before heading home, which was a lovely end to the convention.

It's always nice to see people I only see on this one annual occasion, and I especially enjoyed spending more time than usual with schnee, including a very civilised breakfast for two where we discussed Hemingway. (Breakfast was very good; I'd forgotten about the push-button tiny pancake dispenser where you watch a blob of batter fall onto a conveyer belt and cook to perfection before dropping on your plate.)

Someone asked me one evening how my con had been, and I realised that it just gets better and better. Every year I meet new people, and so every subsequent year I have more friends.


It was great seeing you again, too!

The pancakes were quite lovely, weren't they? (And so was the omelette that breakfast staff cooked on the spot — pity there was just one of them doing that, it proved to be a bit of a choke point.)

Oh, and congratulations on the Cóyotl, that's excellent!

Edited at 2017-06-03 09:36 am (UTC)
Doh - once again, I failed to order a personally-cooked omelette! Next time!

My best innovation of the con was putting Nutella on the pancakes.

And thank you! ^.^
Oh, excellent news on the award! There's a lot to be said for a well-deserved egoboo. ^_^

I do like the sound of Bedtime Stories. Probably a very nice way to unwind after a day's conventioneering, too, at least if you're not stuck reading to a room of strangers. =:)

Did the hotel bar offer an adequate or superior selection of gins? (Thinking of which, I ought to research some recipes, for the forthcoming batch of hooch - I definitely want to send at least a couple bottles of that into gin)
I think there were a couple of premium gins; prices being what they were, and drinking being more a social thing than done for the taste of it, I stuck to the standard, which I think was Gordons.

I have some of this to try later, though: http://aviationgin.com