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Husky Airways

Planes and Guns

I spent my Easter weekend just outside Leeds with Howard's family, having met Howard at Coventry Airport on Good Friday for my requested lunch stop: the DC-6 Diner.

This, as the name suggests, is a Douglas DC-6 converted to a cafe. If that wasn't exciting enough, in a past life it was used by the CIA for covert ops, and it appears in the 2006 Casino Royale.

If, like me, you are a massive child, you can also pass the time while waiting for your sausage sandwich by sitting in the cockpit.


On Saturday we visited the Royal Armouries, where I learned a lot about jousting, tried and failed to get my head around the Battle of Waterloo, and was delighted to discover a display of guns mentioned in the James Bond novels. Beretta? Ladies' gun, sir.



Just don't try to take off in that plane (even though it doesn't look like it's going anywhere any time soon). :O)
Sad, really! But I was grateful for the opportunity to go on board.
This, as the name suggests, is a Douglas DC-6 converted to a cafe.

Very cool — I'm surprised this place isn't more well-known than it appears to be.

Heh, and that Luger in that picture reminds me of a plastic toy gun I won at the funfair when I was little (that one was actually a Mauser C96).

Beretta? Ladies' gun, sir.

:) So, would it be your choice of gun? Or would you pack something else?
I thought it would be packed out on a Bank Holiday with lots of people travelling, but no! It is a bit out of the way, on an industrial estate behind the airport.

I did rather like the Beretta! Coming from a position of knowing nothing about guns, I was attracted to all the small, 'cute' ones. I was particularly taken with the Browning 1910, the kind used to shoot Archduke Franz Ferdinand.