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Live On Air

So my friend and fellow Ursa Major nominee Foozzzball suggested that we try livestreaming a fiction reading, and I agreed with some trepidation.

We did it on Saturday afternoon, it was fun and reasonably successful (with a few technical difficulties at the start; the first five minutes is test card), I got to wear a cool hat, and the recording is available here:

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My, that hat does suit you! (I've yet to find my style(s) - but, perhaps that'll come along in the next year or so =:)

Sad to say, the audio quality is a bit uncomfortable - being from, I assume, just the device's internal mic, the audio has rather an unfortunate "we recorded this in a bathroom" quality to it, unfairly diminishing the qualities of your tones.
Oh, absolutely there are things to fix! Thanks for the feedback.

Mysteriously, most very wide-brimmed hats don't work on me, which is a shame.