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As You Wish

On Saturday, I met a friend and her nine-year-old daughter for a screening of The Princess Bride, which I had unaccountably never seen before. I'm glad I've finally ticked it off, as there's so much to like - not least Peter Falk, and the score by Mark Knopfler.

The nine-year-old and I were both very taken with Inigo Montoya, and launched into a pretend sword fight as soon as we exited the cinema. She's also very into spies at the moment, so we had a happy afternoon talking into our watches and sending each other on missions. (Her mum had to tell us off for talking about bombs in Foyles.)

On Sunday, jm_horse very kindly invited me to Imad’s Syrian Kitchen, an East London popup restaurant.

We enjoyed a communal meal of sharing dishes at two long tables, full of things I like: falafel, stuffed vine leaves, rice, and a tomato sauce with what was described as meatballs but looked suspiciously like chunks of hamburger.

It was a great end to the weekend, capped by legging it up several flights of stairs to catch the Crystal Palace train with seconds to spare.
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had to tell us off

Heh! ;)
This is why I don't get to play with my friends' kids unsupervised.
It's only been out for 30 years. :p
I had other stuff to do in 1987!
I didn't.... because I wasn't around yet. :O)
You'd not seen it before?

Everyone keeps using that word...
Stop saying that!
It's such a gem. ^_^ I recall one tiny point: apparently, that clifftop swordfight was genuine. As in, actually how such swordfighting might be carried out. They felt that would lend the scene authenticity. Very few people would ever be able to tell, but they felt that verisimilitude was worth striving for. I find that quite an admirable position to take. ^_^

He looks somewhat different now, not to mention without Inigo's accent, but you'll recognise that actor in Dead Like Me, if you've also missed seeing that. ^_^ Lasted two seasons, which might have been a bit short, but they managed to get their story told pretty well.
I have also missed that - I will put it on the list of things to try!

And that's a great titbit about the swordfight. It certainly looked great!

(Damn, this is the icon I should have used for the original post!)