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Cat Air

The Werewolf's Coming

'Werewolves Versus' is a twice-yearly e-zine that pits werewolves against a variety of perils, including Music, Romance and The Eighties.

I'm really pleased to have a story in volume 4, 'Werewolves Versus Space'. Furthermore, it's a story about Soviet space dogs, a subject dear to my heart.

The zine is pay-what-you-want, so you can get it for nothing or toss your hard-working creators a bone, or even get it for nothing then decide to pay for it later. Here:

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Soviet space dogs. I love it.
I love them. Even though they make me cry.
Ooh, you're listed first on the cover no less. (Thanks to lexicographic sorting, I realize, but still!)
Yes - thanks, Mum & Dad, for an alphabetically convenient name!

If I ever have a son I'm gonna make sure to name him Aabelard. ;P
Nerdy fact of the day: Don Adams (Max in Get Smart) was born Don Yarmy, but got fed up with having to wait when actors were being called in alphabetical order.
Haha, nice, I didn't know that! ^^
Got to love that pulp-era cover design. ^_^

Oh, cool! It's via Gumroad, who don't use P*yP*l. (They use Square, IIRC)
I hadn't heard of Gumroad before, but they seem like a force for good.

And the cover is amazing.