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The Rain It Raineth Every Day

On Saturday I saw Twelfth Night at the National Theatre. I'd been looking forward to it for ages, and it did not disappoint.

Twelfth Night is my favourite Shakespeare, so perhaps I am easily pleased, but this was an outstanding version with a really fresh feel, a cunning set, and, most importantly, lots of good jokes.

The big draw was Tamsin Greig as 'Malvolia', and she was fantastic, sending the audience into fits of laughter with something as simple as a well-timed pause but also going all out for extravagant physical comedy, and delivering her final line in a chilling manner.

A more radical departure, IMHO, than gender-swapping Malvolio was making Sir Toby Belch the most attractive thing on the stage. Played by the unknown-to-me Tim McMullan, he becomes a rakish alcoholic who is clearly trouble with a capital T but impossible not to like. (I gather from the existence of fuckyeahtimmcmullan.tumblr.com that it's not just me.)

Both twins were very sweet, and I spent their recognition scene silently shouting PLEASE JUST HUG ALREADY. (They did.)


I'm really looking forward to that - going in April.

The RSC are having another bash at it later this year too - I saw it last time it was at Stratford, and it was great fun there too.

I think the Globe is doing it this year, too.
The best Twelfth Night I ever saw was a TV one, oddly enough: the BBC Shakespeare one with Trevor Peacock, Felicity Kendal and Annette Crosbie, among others. All the plays in that series were great, but that one was a standout.
Oh, that sounds amazing. What a killer cast!
I believe it's available. I ordered it myself a few years back, along with, from the same series, Derek Jacobi's Hamlet, John Cleese's Petruchio and Helen Mirren's Titania. Beeb did a brilliant casting job all through.
Hm, some of it might even be on iPlayer - I'll check this out!