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This IS me (by schwitters)Default


I returned from karate last night to find several huge lorries labelled FILM & TV LIGHTING parked in my road, and people with boom mikes lurking down the narrow one-way street round the back of my block of flats, so I parked up and went for a nose.

I had a lovely chat with the security guy, who was at a bit of a loose end and looking forward to hometime, and gleaned that it was an ITV crime drama, possibly called Liar and possibly to be screened in the autumn.

Crime drama. Cheek. I live in a highly respectable area!


Had a film crew set up near here once. Bit of a pain for coming and going while they were at work. Forget exactly what they were filming for. Probably just some advert...
This all happened after dark!
Heh! I remember being a bit surprised at just how much lighting they put up to illuminate the scene... outdoors... in daylight. I guess they were trying to pretend it was a fine sunny summer's day. ;)
Then you find out they upped the contrast to make it a Day for Night scene
All of a sudden, I find myself considering the difference between "respectable" and "respected". You live in an area that people could, in theory, respect but in practice don't? (-8
That would cover it pretty well, actually! I regularly disrespect my 'hood because it's full of hipsters.
That's pretty cool!
It was the most exciting thing to happen around here for ages!
In my neighborhood they're doing construction rather close by. They sometimes start early in the morning. DX
We had an insurance ad filmed in our street a few months ago. They wanted to show the trad couple-on-sofa through the bay window at all times of day, so started at lunchtime and faked the sunrise with the sunset. Ten trucks involved, which made parking interesting.
The guy I talked to told me it could take 3 days to get a 30-second ad right.
I wonder how irritated the crew gets with constant onlookers. It was pretty frustrating when helping out on my friends video project.
We did get a 'Quiet!' but my new friend assured me they were just throwing their weight about!
I can believe that. I wonder if they had any passer by yelling cut.
Oh, evil!
Having done video work I responded to this by using a code for cut. 99 I think we used
One of my favourite numbers!

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