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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Dodgy Drawings

Red Nose Day is approaching, which must mean it's time for worldofagwu to offer comic book style commissions in return for a small donation (or indeed a large one).

If you like fictional characters and song lyrics, and you would enjoy owning a piece of digital art that combines the two, go here.

I made two requests this year, and I could not be more pleased with the results:

(Lyrics from 'On Every Street' by Dire Straits)

(Lyrics from 'Hungry Like The Wolf' by Duran Duran)


I'd long forgotten the Dick Tracy cartoons. My budding memory of Dick Tracy was the film which co-starred Madonna and a god-awful C64 computer game.
I found him in my dad's Penguin Book of Comics and fell in love. Later I loved the film too.
I loved the film and later the cartoon which amusingly barely featured Dick Tracy
Yes, I got a video of that (in Denmark, bizarrely) and was utterly baffled. I don't remember it being on TV.
I think it was on Channel 4 (after Wacaday or maybe as part of it) during the school holidays. I always remember how at some point the agent working for Tracy would cry "hold everything" and the carton would freeze while he chatted to Dick Tracy on the phone.