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Cabin in the Woods

I'm just back from an unexpected and welcome few days in Hampshire's Blackwood Forest, courtesy of friends who had a spare room in their cabin.

It was a relaxed, low-key affair of junk food, long walks in the wood when the rain stopped, and evenings in the hot tub drinking Jägermeister and getting rained on.

The holiday camp is run in partnership with the Forestry Commission, so everything is as environmentally-friendly as is possible when you're offering cabins with underfloor heating, and guests are encouraged to take an interest in the natural world around them.

There was a board outside the visitors' centre for recording wildlife sightings, but this was not taken entirely seriously; entries included 'Elvis', 'Batman', and 'Honey G in my hot tub'.

We saw a deer and a rabbit. More interesting to me were several low-flying Chinooks, plus Middle Wallop's pet Apache on my way home.


Did you avail yourselves of the "Forest Retreat", or were you fully stocked before setting off? Looks like quite a decent spread available, if you feel like something "proper" to eat.

But "more interesting than a rabbit"? What an odd concept!

Definitely sounds like a thoroughly mellow time. Not especially cheap, though, looking quickly at the prices. It's rather frustrating how quickly holidays in the UK get quite expensive, versus hightailing it for warmer climes - there's so much to see and enjoy in the UK, but it wouldn't take all that many cheap hotel nights to add up to just an off-peak flight to the Bay.
This was a midweek-in-winter deal; it does rocket up.

I felt like a total freeloader, as the other participants had brought a ton of food AND cooked it all!

I'm sorry I prefer helicopters to rabbits. It's just one of those things.
Sounds quite an experience. I often leave comedy names in visitors books hehe
Sounds like a nice few days :)

Those kinds of wildlife logs can be chancy. I recall when I was a cub scout leader and we took the cubs to a district badge weekend for the naturalist badge. The kids were supposed to keep a "bird log" of all the birds they had spotted and identified during the weekend.

The district chairman judging them found there was an extra one in the mix under the name "R Baden-Powell" which included such sightings as the great auk, Captain Flint, the Maltese falcon and the Flying Scotsman. Don't know who could possibly have been behind that one. *whistles innocently*
Haha, brilliant! 'Maltese falcon'...heh.