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The Real Comedy Controllers

Last night I visited Broadcasting House for a recording of The Real Comedy Controllers, which will air on BBC Radio 4 Extra on March 25th.

The BBC staff were exceptionally nice; when my companion phoned to say they'd been held up and was it worth jumping in a taxi, the person on the door said "Have you got tickets? Then you're guaranteed entry. And why don't you come and wait in the warm?"

The show itself consists of anecdotes and discussion from four movers and shakers in the world of TV and radio comedy (pitchers, commissioners, producers, writers), and the instalment we enjoyed covered the '60s and '70s.

Paul Jackson, Beryl Vertue, Jimmy Mulville and John Lloyd were all excellent value, but I have a particular soft spot for Lloyd. He's a very funny speaker, does wicked impressions, and got visibly emotional talking about his friendship with Douglas Adams.

The broadcast show will be three hours long and feature complete episodes of select comedies, but we had to be content with clips. My favourite of these was Round the Horne's Julian and Sandy presenting their version of Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man, which I will leave you to imagine.

The recording ran for an hour longer than we were told it would, but I had no complaints. Though I was pretty hungry by the end.
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