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Monocle Husky

My Year In Books

Goodreads lets you challenge yourself to read a certain number of books in the year. I set myself 60, then, when this looked like looking too easy, revised to 75.

I read 74.

I was somewhat annoyed.

Standouts for the year were The Bone Clocks, Riddley Walker, Ian Fleming's collected Bond correspondence (The Man with the Golden Typewriter), near-future espionage romp Europe in Autumn, and present-day espionage romp Slow Horses.

See it all in handy pictorial format!


You should have said sooner! I'm sure I'm not the only person who could have recommended some really short good books. :-p
That was my plan, but instead I got embroiled in The Night Manager on the 30th. Doomed.

I read a pitiful few books last year. Ghosts of Karnak by George Man, Seance on a Wet Afternoon by Mark McShane, The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi by Mark Hodder, Ten Little Aliens by Stephen Cole ans Death of an Airman by Christopher st John someone or other.

Intrigued by Death of an Airman!

It is very good and has more twists than a French Plat, it is part of the British Crime series by the British Library

I have that but haven't read it yet. You'll be able to borrow it later.
Oh, good!
"Shortest book: 5 pages: Who's Who In Spy Fiction by Donald McCormick".

I'm finding that quite amusing.
It is also entirely inaccurate!
Lol I know the feeling, my goal was 50 and I read 49...so close :)
This year! (I've set a lower challenge this time round because I managed to put myself off reading longer books, which is silly.)